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10 sport-chic men’s watches
New Models

10 sport-chic men’s watches

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
By The HH Journal editors
The HH Journal editors

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Sporting by day, sophisticated by night, who’s to say a man should be true to one watch only? Evidently not the makers, who cater to a gentleman’s ever-changing moods with products that are ready for adventure or will complement his cufflinks. Be spoiled for choice at SIHH.

Watchmaking expresses its very essence in timepieces that embrace only the essential. A self-evidence, one might say, which only complicates the task further. For what could be more difficult than to propose a round, three-hand watch with sufficient character, style and personality to stand out from its peers? Every brand has tried. Not all have succeeded, and for good reason: such a watch demands a particular sensibility and an uncommon talent for appropriating space. Meet these conditions, and the watch borders on the sublime. What better to bring us back down to earth than a watch that will accompany us in all life’s adventures. That such objects are already rife gives us some idea of the magnitude of the task. Or rather the challenge. Watchmakers are undaunted.

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