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A moment with… Florian Lejeune, founder of The Dressing...
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A moment with… Florian Lejeune, founder of The Dressing Box

Thursday, 02 March 2017
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

Creative flare with an analytic mindset.

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Luxury and influence have long been intertwined. Within social media, few individuals succeed in reshaping self-identity and behaviour of online consumers. With ‘Tastemakers’, we aim to uncover these new authorities, whether they are creators or ‘coolhunters’. Today, we welcome Florian, creator of The Dressing Box.

The Dressing Box has become a familiar voice for Parisian males. Started by Florian Lejeune, this men’s style blog appeals as much to dapper dandies as to the wardrobe-challenged, with its countless epicurean discoveries.

Here are some of the highlights of our interview with this image consultant on the subject of watches, the “sign of a well-assembled outfit”.

Time: When was the game-changing moment in your life?

The day I decided to start my own business, and gave myself the means to use my creativity without limits and the freedom to make my own decisions. This was about doing what I wanted to do, about living my passion and sharing my vision of fashion with readers. Being an entrepreneur is a fabulous human experience, both professionally and personally. It’s an opportunity to put my ideas into practice and make the artistic choices I want to make.

It’s exciting to meet and connect with professionals in the fashion industry, and work together on different projects. I’ve learned a lot from these encounters, and thanks to them I’m able to develop my full potential.

A post shared by Florian (@thedressingbox) on

Style: When you're preparing for the day ahead, at what point do you put on your watch?

I see watches as a huge source of inspiration. They are, without contest, the accessory every man should have on his wrist. They lend a touch of modern class, and of course with a watch you’re never late.

Most of all, a watch is the sign of a well-assembled outfit. Every morning, before heading off to a business appointment, I put on a watch with a black leather strap. It adds an elegant touch to my work clothes. Later on in the day, I swap it for a camel-coloured strap that gives a more urban look for going out. The ideal companion to my everyday wear.

Luxury: Is a watch something to be worn on special occasions or on any occasion?

As someone who’s mad about watches, I have to say there’s no one occasion to wear a watch but a watch for every occasion. I’ve been wearing watches for quite a few years, and for me they’re the essential finishing touch.

Any event is the opportunity to add a great watch to an outfit. Personally, I like to match my watch to a good pair of shoes. It’s a chance to show off your personality to the full.

A post shared by Florian (@thedressingbox) on

Watch: What do you expect to see on the dial of a classic, "timeless" watch?

I have a particular soft spot for classic, timeless watches. Finding the perfect timepiece is no easy task. There always seems to be one criterion lacking. My ideal watch would be robust and water-resistant. It would have a subtle, modern design and a solid leather strap with the possibility to switch straps to suit my mood. In terms of size, I prefer cases between 37mm and 40mm in diameter while 7mm is a good height. For the case back, I find light shades more appealing and more suited to a classic watch. As far as markings and inscriptions go, I prefer slim fonts, something very simple.
A watch that ticks all these boxes would be my ideal, timeless watch. One that can follow me in my everyday adventures.

People: How do you see yourself in ten years?

Ten years seems like such a long way ahead and at the same time just around the corner. As it is, I’m enjoying every minute of the present to the full. I realise how lucky I am to have launched a successful project, thanks to the readers who follow my blog each week. I hope I’ll always be part of the digital landscape and that my career as an influencer will develop internationally, so I can go on giving even more style inspiration.

One of my projects for the next few years is to set up my own brand and launch a range of men’s accessories, even launch a watch brand. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time now, and I would love to make it happen. So stay tuned for new adventures!

A post shared by Florian (@thedressingbox) on

In the meantime, you can catch up with Florian on his blog, share his vision of fashion on Instagram or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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