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A moment with … Herdiana, founder of Deluxshionist
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A moment with … Herdiana, founder of Deluxshionist

Friday, 21 October 2016
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

Creative flare with an analytic mindset.

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Luxury and influence have long been intertwined. Within social media, few individuals succeed in reshaping self-identity and behaviour of online consumers. With ‘Tastemakers’, we aim to uncover these new authorities, whether they are creators or ‘coolhunters’. Today, we welcome Herdiana Surachman, creator of Deluxshionist.

Based in Bandung, Indonesia, Herdiana Surachman spent four years as the editorial of lifestyle magazine Men’s Folio Indonesia, before creating Deluxshionist. The blog is a space for personal mediation, where he can actively explore all the passion in his life (be it traveling to incredible locations around the world, or wearing the greatest gear in fashion and horology).

A very busy man who reminds us that it is always hard to make time, while he always takes minutes to share his daily perks.

Time: Do you ever feel against the clock?

Most of the time yes. When I was running out of times to finish my deadlines or when so many excited things were coming, I always feel those 24 hours in a day is never enough. But that’s maybe my weakness because I always put myself in a situation that I feel love the most and vice versa. Sometimes that was my way out to keep me feeling alive, although sometimes it made my mood swing but I still can control it.

Style: A crisp Oxford shirt calls for a timeless watch. What does this watch look like?

I always fall for simple yet bold timepieces; as I think about the first watches I reported on for the magazine, I think of a Jaeger-LeCoultre with a white face, simple dials, gold case and a black alligator leather strap and not so many complications. A watch which was ideal for evening cocktails. I know it sounds boring, but I love simplicity.

We can always search and make money, but on the other side it is always hard to make time.
Luxury: Time is money - true or false?

Unfortunately, time is beyond money – that’s the truth. We can always search and make money, but on the other side it is always hard to make time, moreover we can’t bring back time, right? But I see that there are some people who think that money is more important than time. I cannot fully blame it on them for thinking this, but I please – make time for those who trust you, who care about you and who believe in you. I’ve suddenly become Deepak Chopra

Watch: Picture year 3000. What does a futuristic watch feature?

I have been asked this before and my answer is: totally pseudo-scientifically imaginative, connected with feelings. It is almost impossible that you can change the past or know the future, but I want a watch that has a feature that connects to our neuron system, so when we set it to a certain time, we can ‘re-feel’ the memories. It could be as dangerous as opium, but who knows it could help with prescriptions maybe?

People: Who are the faces you like to spend time with?

First with myself – I know it was not counted. Second is someone I feel comfortable with, someone I can trust like some friends and family; not all, but definitely anyone who can make me feel right at home. I also love to meet new people who have a good story to tell. I always show my passive reactions, that’s why I consider myself as a good listener than a good story teller.

We hope you keep an eye on Herdiana’s musings and journeys on his blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

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