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A prowess in gem-setting for the Purnell Escape IIS Treasure
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A prowess in gem-setting for the Purnell Escape IIS Treasure

Thursday, 30 April 2020
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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The world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon and first double Spherion-powered timepiece is the next level in women’s grand complications, with gem-set tourbillon cages.

The Swiss watch brand, Purnell, specialized in high-velocity tourbillons, is thrilled to present the Escape IIS Treasure, the latest addition to its Double Spherion Escape collection, and its first-ever grand complication designed for women. The Escape IIS Treasure is a powerful timekeeper driven by the force of Purnell’s double-Spherion movement, designed and developed by Purnell in collaboration with master watchmaker Eric Coudray. To adapt what is today the world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon to a feminine wrist without giving up any of its power, Purnell redesigned its Escape II. What is more, Purnell added to its exceptional new timepiece, a feature that is a world premiere: a pair of tourbillon cages set with gemstones. As such, the Escape IIS Treasure is a nod to the gem-set timekeepers worn by women in the 17th century, and an exercise in high style that marries the elegance of a precious wristwatch with the technical prowess packed inside Purnell’s double-Spherion mechanism, alive in a perpetual dance of diamonds.

Escape IIS Treasure Baguette Rainbow © Purnell
Escape IIS Treasure Baguette Rainbow © Purnell

The new Escape IIS Treasure collection offers a choice of four new versions, each customizable upon request. Each version comes with a skeletonized movement, a 32-hour power reserve, and a 44mm case made smaller for a feminine wrist. Two versions, the Treasure Diamond and the Treasure Rainbow are set with diamonds or “rainbow” gemstones on their tourbillon cages, while two more versions also feature a case and dial fully set with baguette-cut diamonds or “rainbow” gemstones.

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