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A “sculptural” H²0 by HYT
New Models

A “sculptural” H²0 by HYT

Tuesday, 09 October 2018
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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The transparency of a sapphire crystal dome, a fluid symbolising the flow of time, the mechanical architecture revealed – the new H²0 by HYT marks its territory in space-time.

Sculpture gives mass meaning. The latest H²0 from HYT looks to this visual art that operates in three dimensions to shed light on the essence of time. Viewed from any aspect, the sculpted timepiece unveils new angles on time, while colored and clear liquids keep its essential flow permanently present. Second by second, further layers of time are revealed, witnessed and anticipated. The all-black color-scheme, right through to the coating of the movement’s bridges, intensifies the visual drama between mystery and transparency.


In these two new limited editions of the H²0, the three-dimensional quality of the design acquires additional visual tension. A striking contrast between black diamond-like carbon coating and the domed crystal hosting apparently floating digits. The whole presents an architectural entity, tempting the eye to take a new perspective on time – and watchmaking. As blue or red liquid trace the path of time’s recent journey, clear fluid beyond the meniscus in the capillary creates curiosity at what potentially lies ahead.


Within the safe walls of the H²0, a carefully curated, highly technical performance takes place. This cofeatures a patented fluidic module and a mechanical movement exclusively developed for HYT by APRP. Seamless transmission between these two protagonists is assured by the conversion of rotation into linear motion via a cam-follower system.

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