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“All together against fakes” A short film competition open...

“All together against fakes” A short film competition open to the public

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
Press Release
Press release

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To coincide with Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting Day which will take place on 22 March 2013, theorganisers are launching a short film competition open to the public on the theme “United againstPiracy”. The winners of the Jury Prize and Public Prize will be presented with a genuine prestigewatch.

Counterfeiting is a global scourge. Its ramifications extend to all five continents and it is an inexhaustible source of finance for mafia-like organisations of all persuasions. To curb this worldwide affliction, public awareness of the damage caused by the fake goods industry is essential.Without consumers of counterfeit products, no market can exist…

In terms of this need to inform the public about the harmful effects of illegal and criminal activities,Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting Day ticks all the boxes. The organisers of this event, which will take placeon 22 March 2013, have therefore decided to organise a short film competition open to the public.The best films will receive wide exposure so that potential buyers of fake goods can be made awareof the implications of their actions.

At the helm of this 2013 edition of Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting Day is the Federation of the SwissWatch Industry, in collaboration with the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. It has made a point ofassociating two other economic sectors seriously affected by the problem of piracy and illegalcopies: the pharmaceutical industry and the audiovisual sector. Together, these areas of activityprovide three themes for those wishing to take part in the competition.

At the beginning of 2013, shortlisted films will be shown on the website of STOP PIRACY, the Swissorganisation dedicated to combating counterfeiting and piracy (concours.stop-piracy.ch), for a public vote. At the end of this consultation, two prizes will be awarded. Internet users will voteon the competition website to attribute the Public Prize, and a jury consisting of eminent Swisspersonalities will award the Jury Prize. Both laureates will receive a prestige watch on Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting Day.

Practical information concerning the « All Together Against Fakes » competition 
• A choice of three themes: watch counterfeiting, fake pharmaceutical products, piracy of artistic works
• Format: short film lasting 1 minute 30 seconds. Silent, or spoken in French, German or English
• Delivery date: 7 December before midnight (UTC+1)
• Information, competition rules and registration at
> concours.stop-piracy.ch

Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH
Yves Bugmann, project manager
+41 32 328 08 28

Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie
Christine Lacourt
+41 22 307 09 83 

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