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And Cartier created the Panthère
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And Cartier created the Panthère

Thursday, 25 January 2018
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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At Cartier, the panther takes endless forms. This year, the feline appears in three dimensions as the gem-laden Panthère Lovée, and on the Rencontre de Panthères watch whose oscillating weight,positioned dial-side, throws out darts of light.

Rencontre de Panthères Watch

Continuing its exploration of feminine complications, Cartier brings the inner workings of the movement – traditionally concealed – to the fore on the dial. The oscillating weight is on display in a head-on confrontation between two panthers who wrestle a diamond ring in their jaws. Oscillations driven by the motion of the wrist charge the barrel that in turn drives the beating heart of the watch. Aesthetics and function come together in a display of style. Eye to eye, steeled with tension, the duo faces off in a never-ending circle. The profile of the face and nose, the outline of the ears and the symmetry of the spots are testament to a graphic concept that speaks to the essential. In the composition of black lacquer on diamonds with emeralds for eyes, Cartier jewellery craftsmanship accommodates to the constraints of watchmaking techniques.

Panthère Lovée Watch

A glittering three-dimensional panther curls up on the dial of the Panthère Lovée watch. Mistress of time at Cartier since 1914, her majestic sculpture sets a tone of luminous femininity. Ever present yet ever changing, the panther is a most mighty muse: her every incarnation reveals a novel aspect of her personality. Cartier showcases the feline in its most feminine case, the Baignoire de Cartier watch, thereby sealing the perfect union of two icons of the Maison. The expertise of the artisans in creating lifelike creatures is evident in the mastery of the proportions and the precision of the design from the panther’s nose to her ears. With a spotted coat of diamonds and black lacquer, emerald eyes and a gleaming dial, the Cartier jewellery lends itself to the challenges of watchmaking.

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