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Best Picks – Louis Moinet takes a walk in Jurassic...
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Best Picks – Louis Moinet takes a walk in Jurassic Park

Tuesday, 04 May 2010
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Louis Moinet already caused a stir earlier in the year with its planetarium.

Said Chief Executive Jean-Marie Schaller at the time, “Meteoris is a one-off creation, an objet d’art with three unique characteristics. These are a representation of the ten planets orbiting the Sun, an accelerated rotation so that the Earth journeys around the Sun in 37 seconds rather than 365 days, and diabolical accuracy of some four seconds in 164 years, the time it takes Neptune to make its orbit around the Sun. Obviously this is something we did for the sheer pleasure!” Adding to the pleasure are the four tourbillon watches, inspired by Louis Moinet’s Vertalis model, that surround this one-off piece. Each has a fragment of space rock inlaid in its dial.

The brand struck again a few weeks ago when it arrived at Baselworld with a new concept for a “monumental” showcase and a new material to “equip” its tourbillon. The Time Explorator, which stands two metres high by three metres long, describes itself as a “time-travelling machine” that looks to have come straight out of the imagination of Jules Verne (the rights to whose work, incidentally, are owned by the brand). “An initiatory exploration, its machinery is a complex set of copper and brass counters, levers, gears and pipes, set in mahogany,” says Louis Moinet.

Louis Moinet : Time Explorator & Jurassic Tourbillon

This exploration inevitably leads to the Jurassic Tourbillon, visible through one of the nine portholes in the Time Explorator, described as a treasure chest of human history. Images of Steven Speilberg’s famous Park immediately spring to mind. However, while Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus rex stole the show in the film, the Diplodocus – a herbivore some 50 metres long and tipping the scales at 50 tonnes – is the star of the Jurassic Tourbillon whose dial contains fragments of authentic fossilised dinosaur bone. Outstanding for their colour and veining, these fragments are 150 million years old. Horology and palaeontology meet.

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