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Boucheron Reflet collection

Boucheron Reflet collection

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Press Release
Press release

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Because marking your time is not simply marking time. Because a watch does not serve only to tell the time. Because continually reinventing yourself is a beautiful way to exist. A true mirror of the soul of the Maison Boucheron, the Reflet watch is back in 2014 with a new look. It still has so much to tell.

“To create is to remember”

Today Boucheron is relaunching this eternal icon while strengthening the codes that made it so successful. With its stretched rectangular case, a face which is both pure and readable, the golden sculpture of the gadroons, the discreet sparkle of the cabochon, the Reflet watch is reborn finally in its original form which confirms its legitimate vintage.

A true trans-generational icon, the missing link between the modern elegance of creations from the fifties and the timeless charm of the great classics, the Reflet watch transcends age, style and even genre, as can be seen in its ultra masculine version with a black face.

Secret surprises

A timepiece with pure lines and false simplicity, the Reflet watch hides its game in the kinetics of its gadroons and reveals its secrets one by one.

The first is the philosophy of time according to Boucheron, engraved on the back of the watch, “Je ne sonne que les heures heureuses” (I only Count the Joyful Hours). The hours give way to feelings. The Reflet watch does not mark the time that passes but the joys which remain. This sums up the spirit of Boucheron and this positive attitude is much more precious than the most precious jewelry.

The second secret is even more hidden. It is the Secret Signature which through a simple breath reveals a hologram of the Place Vendôme and its colmun on the glass of the watch. To wear a Reflet watch is a little bit like taking Paris everywhere with you and making one of its iconic symbols appear as if by magic. Just like the signature on the back of the case, the hologram is a guarantee of authenticity.

The last surprise appears when you wear the watch. The buckle is so discreet that it disappears. Or more precisely it exists but it is invisible. Hidden in the strap, which is also interchangeable, it disappears completely from view, thus making the Reflet watch even more unexpected.

Reflet Medium in yellow gold
The story of the Reflet watch begins in 1947

It was the birth of modernism. Art, became “contemporary” as if to affirm its break with everything that was not art. Painting, fashion, and even more so architecture and design all dared to be bold. Jewelry was inspired and seized by the moment, it revised its criteria of beauty and shook up the way it was used. Watches moved from the pocket to the wrist and the creation of the first Reflet model confirmed the excitement for objects which broke with tradition. It was an immediate success. Aesthetic formalism. Geometric simplicity. A stylistic oxymoron full of lines and roundness all at the same time. A gentle light in a rectangular face, the ambivalent boldness of the Reflet watch never ceased to fascinate.


Arriving at such perfection has been a long journey. It has taken three years to develop the Reflet watch, to combine the technical prowess with the aesthetic requirements specific to Boucheron. The emblematic signatures of the Maison are highlighted here thanks to the unique savoir-faire handed down from generation to generation.

The gadroons which adorn the case have been used by Boucheron since the nineteenth century for their bright and vibrant qualities. By capturing and refracting the light, they reveal the beauty of the piece. The sculpture of the gold reaches a level of precision and finesse which only the Maison’s “Hands of Light” can achieve.

The sapphire cabochon for the winding mechanism is another famous Boucheron signature. It has adorned the Reflet watch since the fifties. Its roundness contrasts with the sober lines of the watch and acts as both a mirror and a talisman with a protective aura.

Reflet Small
Reflet Pompon

Because it is born of these two worlds, the Reflet watch acts like a bridge between exceptional timepieces and High Jewelry.

Thus the Reflet Pompon watch reinterprets and merges the fundamental motifs of the Maison. Those of the watch, the rectangular case and double gadroons, are represented here by the round and baguette diamonds; and also by the pompon, a recurring figure in the Boucheron collections since the nineteenth century. Inspired by couture, it perfectly mimics the movements of fabric, to the precise detail where here the fabric has been replaced by pavé set diamonds. Following in the footsteps of the great Boucheron creations which can be worn in multiple ways, the tassel detaches from the watch and can be worn round the neck.

The Reflet Pompon embodies all the savoir-faire of the Maison Boucheron reunited in a common passion: Create emotion and celebrate life.

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