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Bovet – Industrial anniversary
New Models

Bovet – Industrial anniversary

Thursday, 07 July 2016
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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When Pascal Raffy acquired the Dimier 1738 Manufacture in June 2006, he gave Bovet 1822 absolute control over its developments.

To ensure exemplary quality and reliability, the number of movements and timepieces that would be manufactured has been limited straightway. At the same time, a modern, ever-present and uncompromising quality control department was established and became a crucial point of this new structure. The seventy craftsmen who work in the Manufacture’s various workshops represent forty-one different crafts. These figures speak volumes about the Manufacture’s level of specialization.

The work accomplished over these ten years of existence has enabled the Manufacture to develop fifty-nine new movement references. But whether they indicate the hours, minutes and seconds, or feature numerous complications such as a tourbillon, retrograde perpetual calendar or multiple time zones (to name just a few), each movement is given the same level of attention and standard of finishing. Over the same period of time, the quota of Bovet 1822 models equipped with Dimier 1738 movements has gone from 30 to 80%. This figure should rise even more in the next few years to reach 100% by 2022.

The spirit of innovation that drives the Manufacture’s craftsmen regularly lead them to file new patents. As a result, more than fifteen inventions have been registered over the past ten years! With the exception of the jewels and barrel springs, all of the components of every movement are produced entirely in the Manufacture. The progress that has been made over these ten years of existence has enabled Bovet to offer a five-year warranty on every timepiece powered by a Dimier 1738 Manufacture movement.

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