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Bovet presents the Récital 27 in a “writing slope”...
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Bovet presents the Récital 27 in a “writing slope” case

Tuesday, 02 July 2019
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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The Récital 27 from Bovet 1822 presents a triple time zone display, moon phases and a seven-day power reserve. All the complications have been engineered to fit inside the emblematic “writing slope” case.

In 2016, Bovet 1822 unveiled the Shooting Star tourbillon, the first timepiece in an exclusive collection dedicated to astronomy. The Astérium and Grand Récital tourbillons then followed in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Each of the three timepieces was housed in a characteristic inclined case, inspired by and shaped like a sloped writing desk featuring a bezel inclined at 6 o’clock. This ingenious idea makes it possible to diversify and organize the types of displays by using domes, rollers, discs, and three-dimensional hands to enhance intuitiveness, ergonomics, and elegance. Today, Bovet 1822 introduces four complications developed specifically to be housed within the “writing slope” case. Among them, the Récital 27 which is offering three time zones which can be set to winter or summer hours for each chosen location.

Récital 27 © Bovet 1822
Récital 27 © Bovet 1822

The local time is logically displayed in hours and minutes at the center of the timepiece while the secondary time zones appear at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively. Each of the secondary time zones displays hours and minutes on a traditional 12-hour dial. A day/night indicator prevents any confusion between morning and afternoon. Finally, an aperture displays the name of an iconic city corresponding to the time zone indicated by the hands. For those collectors who so desire, the city discs can be customized to indicate the cities of their choice. Through its intuitive system of correctors, the three time zones can be set individually while adjusting for summer or winter hours.

Récital 27 © Bovet 1822
Récital 27 © Bovet 1822

A dome moon phase indicator completes the information appearing on the timepiece’s dial. Its surface is engraved to evoke the lunar surface and for heightened realism, the lower sections hand-filled with Superluminova®. The precision mechanism used to drive the moon phase requires correction only once every 122 years.

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