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Raised from a very young age with the cinema and television, Maximilian Büsser bases his creation on the Mangas. In 2006, he establishes MB&F, a veritable laboratory of watch-making design. There, he designs "watch-making machines" resembling space shuttles or other Thunderbolt combat aircraft. The brand also invested in music boxes alongside Reuge, as well as in clocks, in collaboration with L’Épée 1939. The result is just as mind-blowing.

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Foundation of Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F) with the objective of developing horological machines created in the mind of the brand's founder.


Launch of the Horological Machine n°1, a three-dimensional watch which lays the first foundations of MB&F's history.


Advent of the Legacy Machine n°1, the brand's second large product family, the design of which is commensurate with its technical complexity.


Start of the collaboration with L’Épée 1839, specialist in mechanical clocks, which gives rise to the Starfleet Machine, a table clock in the shape of an intergalactic vessel.