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Vianney Halter

The Vianney Halter brand comes into being in 1998. In that year, the Antiqua watch pays homage to the talent of its founder. Vianney Halter subsequently develops watch collections unique in their genre, entirely made by hand. His aim is to render his creations timeless. He opened the way for new ways of displaying the time in watch-making.

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In 1994, Vianney Halter founds the JANVIER SA manufactory in Sainte-Croix which he named as a tribute to one of the most ingenious watch-makers in history: Antide Janvier (1751-1835).


Vianney Halter opens the way for alternative watch-making with the Antiqua.


Admitted as member of the AHCI (French independent watch-makers academy).


The Deep Space Tourbillon aims to explain the role of the 3 physical dimensions and the temporal dimension using a triple axe tourbillon.