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Calibre 3255 © Rolex
History & Masterpieces
Regulating organs, from past to present (IX)

Of all the inventions that have helped improve the precision of mechanical watches, none is more important, or less well-documented, than the development of the regulating organ. To help bridge that gap, we retrace the history of escapements from the earliest devices to the very latest silicon regulators. Part nine: silicon escapements.

Thursday, 11 July 2019
6 min read
Monaco 1969 © Heuer
History & Masterpieces
The Monaco, TAG Heuer's legendary square chrono

In 1969 TAG Heuer launched the first ever automatic chronograph in a water-resistant square case. Half a century later, the Monaco is still in the race. Two of five anniversary models have been revealed, at the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019
5 min read
Rolex Cosmograh_Daytona 2016
History & Masterpieces
Cosmograph Daytona in pole position

From the time of its launch in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph was linked to motor sport and to one event in particular: the endurance race on the legendary Daytona circuit. Taking functionality to an extreme, its style has made it an icon among chronographs.

Friday, 07 October 2016
5 min read
Patek Philippe Nautilus
History & Masterpieces
The Nautilus, an elegant revolution

Born in 1976, reborn in 2006, the Nautilus has stayed true to its origins nonetheless. Recognisable for an extravagant design tempered by elegance, it is now an icon among Patek Philippe's collections, and one of the most celebrated luxury sport watches.

Monday, 19 September 2016
4 min read
Paris City Hall
History & Masterpieces
Time in the City of Light

This weekend, September 17th and 18th, monuments all over France are opening for the public to visit, including more than 1,500 locations in Paris. Among them, the imposing City Hall and its almost three-hundred-year-old clock.

Thursday, 15 September 2016
Mehdi Fazlija
3 min read
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
History & Masterpieces
Fifty Fathoms, a watch for the elite

Made for the French military's elite combat divers, the Fifty Fathoms was the first real dive watch, with a design so perfectly adapted to its role that it became the definitive diving watch concept. Today's Fifty Fathoms covers a complete collection of sport watches at Blancpain.

Monday, 22 August 2016
4 min read
Omega Seamaster cal.1040
History & Masterpieces
The Rise and Fall of the Central Minutes Chronograph

The apogee of the 'plain' chronograph in terms legibility and functionality was reached with the inexplicably rare central minute complication in the early 1970s. The big question among watch lovers and connoisseurs is why the big players no longer produce such marvels…

Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Ilias Yiannopoulos
10 min read
History & Masterpieces
Breguet – Marie-Antoinette in the Land of the Rising Sun

What do Breguet, Versailles, Queen Marie-Antoinette and Japan have in common? A major retrospective edition to be held from October 25th to February 27th 2017 at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo. Here, we take a look back at the exceptional bond that links Breguet to the last queen of France.

Monday, 15 August 2016
The FHH Journal editors
4 min read
The Nomos building in the old railway station
Beginner's Guide

Glashütte, the German miracle

Wednesday, 07 March 2018
Written By Christophe Roulet
5 min read
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