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Articles on the subject: Trend Forecaster

Diver X Skeleton © Ulysse Nardin
Trend Forecaster
12 dive watches for summer

Easing of travel restrictions brings hope of plunging into the ocean this summer. Any of these twelve dive watches would make the ideal companion.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021
5 min read
Diamond Outrage © Audemars Piguet
Trend Forecaster
From anarchy to fine watches, punk’s not dead

Who would have thought that an anti-establishment musical manifesto would inspire diamond-smothered watches and unorthodox marketing strategies? Incandescent, unpredictable, forty years after its official demise, punk is as powerful as ever.

Friday, 18 June 2021
Laure Gontier
5 min read
Trend Forecaster
Couture timekeeping: high fashion brands colonize the Jura

What do Hermes and Chanel have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all leading luxury brands with a prestigious couture label and a legendary founder. What distinguishes them from their fashion runway cousins, however, is that they are also Swiss watchmakers.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
7 min read
Trend Forecaster
What goes around comes around

"Vintage" has become common parlance when describing horological production today. According to some sources, the word originates in the Old French vendange (grape harvest) which came to refer to an exceptional year for wine. Others claim its etymology lies in the locution vingt ans d'âge which watchmakers use to refer to any timepiece older than two decades (twenty years of age). Given most Manufactures' venerable age, many of their iconic timepieces fall within this category of vintage, and bringing the past up-to-speed with the present has emerged as a major trend in watchmaking.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012
2 min read
Christophe Claret
Trend Forecaster
A watch by any other name…

What could be more natural than for a master watchmaker wishing to launch his brand to do so under his own name as a pledge of expertise? Particularly when the majority "cut their teeth" working for the sector's leading firms.

Friday, 23 July 2010
5 min read
Daniel Roth © Maîtres du Temps
Trend Forecaster
Watchmaking in their blood

Christian Bédat has left Bedat & Co; Daniel Roth is no longer at Daniel Roth; Franck Muller, Gérald Genta, Jorg Hysek, Martin Braun, Rodolphe Cattin and Roger Dubuis are no longer active at the eponymous brands they created, and which more often than not continue to perpetuate their founder's work…

Monday, 19 July 2010
2 min read
Trend Forecaster
Lighten up, with one of the season's top colors
Wednesday, 17 December 2008
1 min read
Painted clock dial, counter-facade of Florence cathedral, painted by Paolo Ucello, 1443
Trend Forecaster
Time vanishes from the surface of the dial

From the first mechanical clocks with no dial to the Day&Night watch by Romain Jérôme that doesn't give the time, it seems timepieces have reached a point where they can fully express themselves without referring to that most fundamental matter, the flow of time.

Friday, 19 September 2008
6 min read

The retro resurgence

“Back to the future”
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