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A scientific odyssey for Ulysse Nardin

In November 2019 Kering partnered with The Explorers. Ulysse Nardin reinforces this collaboration and becomes the official timekeeper of this ever-lasting around-the-globe scientific and exploratory expedition. Ben Thouard, one of Ulysse Nardin’s “friends of the brand”, is a key partner of the expedition.

Wednesday, 08 July 2020
The FHH Journal editors
1 min read
Jimmy Chin, Panerai ambassador
"Panerai is a brand for pioneers"

In its latest annual report, Richemont singles out Panerai for its strong performance during the financial year to end March. Since then, Covid-19 has stopped luxury brands in their tracks. We look at the state of play with Panerai Chief Executive, Jean-Marc Pontroué.

Wednesday, 08 July 2020
9 min read
New Models
MB&F – tribute to the grand masters

For the past two years, alongside its Horological Machines, the brand led by Max Büsser and Serge Kriknoff has been developing the Legacy Machines concept. Unveiled this week, the second watch in the collection reprises the dual regulator, a principle explored by Ferdinand Berthoud, Abraham-Louis Breguet and Antide Janvier, no less.

Monday, 09 September 2013
Thierry Brandt
5 min read
Big watch groups dominate half-year results

While half-year figures show a subdued performance by the watch divisions at Hermès and LVMH, it's a different story altogether for the industry's mastodons, led by Swatch Group and Richemont.

Friday, 06 September 2013
3 min read
Estoppey-Addor SA in Bienne: the fifth generation at the controls

Backed by 133 years of uninterrupted activity, this independent family electroplating business is now headed up by two young managers.

Thursday, 05 September 2013
Janine Vuilleumier
5 min read
Vacheron Constantin Caliber 2260
Wednesday, 04 September 2013
1 min watch
China's mixed messages

Despite some ups and downs in its economy, China remains a powerhouse for luxury and watch brands. However, certain observers have interpreted recent mixed messages from the world's second-largest economy as a sign that after years of uninterrupted expansion, the country is now set to progress in phases. The Middle Kingdom, so it seems, has pressed pause before pushing the fast-forward button again.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
Quentin Simonet
3 min read
The Power Reserve War

Watchmaking brands have launched an all-out war against each other with regard to one of the industry’s more problematic areas: the power reserve. An overview of the latest records achieved, between true performance and marketing one-upmanship.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Julie Mégevand
3 min read
Trend Forecaster

The evolution of sport watches

Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Written By Cait Bazemore
6 min read
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