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Articles on the subject: Beginner's Guide

Audemars Piguet Musée Atelier
Beginner's Guide
Tradition meets innovation inside the new Audemars Piguet museum

The Audemars Piguet Musée Atelier, which opened to visitors at end June in Vallée de Joux, chronicles the exceptional expertise of a company established in 1875, in a remarkable avant-garde building that commands respect and admiration.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020
4 min read
The winding/setting block in Calibre OM10 is separated from the plate.
Beginner's Guide
Openmovement aims to revitalise watchmaking

An open-source movement is under development in Switzerland. A first in the watch industry, technical drawings will be made available to users whose modifications and improvements will then benefit others.

Wednesday, 04 March 2020
4 min read
Beginner's Guide
Longines digitises 45 million watches

The brand has digitised records of every watch it has made since it was established in 1832. This Herculean task is proving to be a silent but no less powerful asset for the brand's communication.

Thursday, 16 February 2017
Louis Nardin
4 min read
Maximilian Büsser
Beginner's Guide
Keep smiling

Designer Eric Giroud and MB&F founder Max Büsser were both at Dubai Watch Week, where they revealed that a passion for timekeeping isn't the only thing they share. Even at the height of crisis, they rank high on the horological happiness scale.

Thursday, 22 December 2016
5 min read
Bracelet Hermès
Beginner's Guide
Behind the scenes of a Hermès strap

Calfskin, ostrich, alligator… the finest leathers are to be found in Brügg, near Biel, the home of La Montre Hermès. From storeroom to wrist, they carry on the Hermès tradition of fine leather craftsmanship.

Friday, 17 June 2016
1 min read
Campus Genevois de Haute Horlogerie @ Atelier Vert Pomme
Beginner's Guide
Watchmaking's first Campus

Richemont's new Campus Genevois de Haute Horlogerie - home to nine residents and over 1,000 staff – is designed to foster expertise, including for production of movements and external parts.

Thursday, 26 May 2016
3 min read
Montblanc 4810 Orbis Terrarum
Beginner's Guide
Venezuela: one step forward…

On May 1st, Venezuela put its clocks permanently forward by half an hour, after putting them back 30 minutes in 2007. Fortunately, worldtime watches are on-hand to keep track of the time in Caracas.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016
4 min read
Patek Philippe Calatrava Timeless White Ref. 7122
Beginner's Guide
Ladies Classics: Tried and True

Whenever there is a slight downturn in the market, watch brands concentrate on safe, classic designs, either in new collections or by tweaking existing core collections. This move away from showpieces to standard fare is a good development for ladies’ watches.

Monday, 18 April 2016
6 min read

Watches and oceans

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