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Articles on the subject: Point of View

Point of View
On influencers

Returning to the subject of influencers, perhaps they don't all deserve to be tossed out with the trash, however great the temptation to reject them all as good-for-nothings.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019
3 min read
Point of View
The quarrel of excellence and luxury, the paradox of perfection

You may have noticed how, at regular intervals, newspapers like to resurrect a debate not unlike another, much older dispute (from the time of the Sun King to be exact), in which the Ancients and the Moderns clashed, each convinced of a supremacy not easily quantified; a divergence of opinion whose modern equivalent we could call, to paraphrase the exegete Germaine de Staël, the quarrel of excellence and luxury.

Thursday, 01 August 2019
4 min read
Point of View
SIHH, the age of reason

The curtain has come down on the 27th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, marked by a record number of exhibitors that proved themselves well able to adapt their products to a mixed environment.

Tuesday, 07 February 2017
4 min read
Point of View
Five minutes with… Alexandre Viale, creator of Beau Parleur

Luxury and influence have long been intertwined. Within social media, few individuals succeed in reshaping self-identity and behaviour of online consumers. With ‘Tastemakers’, we aim to uncover these new authorities, whether they are creators or ‘coolhunters’. Today, we welcome Alexandre Viale, creator of Beau Parleur.

Friday, 03 February 2017
6 min read
Point of View
The half-full glass

Latest export figures have proved better than anticipated, which bodes well for what's to come. So let us drink from a half-full glass rather than mope over one left half-dry.

Thursday, 02 February 2017
3 min read
Point of View
Happy talk at Jaeger-LeCoultre

In December, the "Grande Maison" sold a record number of watches in its own boutiques. Orders taken during SIHH exceeded expectations. An interview with CEO Daniel Riedo, in a positive mood.

Monday, 23 January 2017
5 min read
Point of View
A. Lange & Söhne has lost its mentor

In 2013, we gave him the Hommage à la Passion award in recognition of his dedication and determination. Walter Lange has passed away at the age of 92. He leaves a lifetime's work that business schools could well study as a textbook case in management. Without Walter Lange, A. Lange & Söhne would never have had the remarkable return to prominence it has enjoyed for the past twenty years.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017
2 min read
Point of View
E la nave va !

A story of ships, those who sail in them, and the proper conduct of captains in Genevese waters…

Saturday, 14 January 2017
2 min read
Our selection

10 luxury watches under €5,000

Friday, 14 June 2019
6 min read
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