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De Bethune celebrates the 10th anniversary of the DB28
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De Bethune celebrates the 10th anniversary of the DB28

Tuesday, 12 May 2020
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Completely different and naturally complementary, the three anniversary pieces tell the story of ten years of intense work and research, both mechanical and aesthetic. They open a new chapter in De Bethune’s journey into ultra-thin watches.

When the first DB28 was launched in 2010, De Bethune’s idea was to present a timepiece with an identity all its own and a resolutely futuristic vision of the art of watchmaking. The design of the timepiece embodies the code of the Maison. The distinctive case shape, the crown at 12 o’clock inspired by pocket watches. Just some of the hallmarks of the contemporary aestheticism specific to De Bethune. It is on this timepiece that De Bethune’s unique and innovative – and patented – floating lugs, designed also to significantly improve comfort, demonstrated their self-evident purpose. Since then, the DB28 has continued to express the past, present and future of watchmaking culture through its various iterations. In highlighting this design, which has become iconic over the years, De Bethune celebrates the DB28’s 10th anniversary by introducing a set of three watches in 2020. All three timepieces, all true to the DNA of the DB28, are interpretations of the same theme, independent of each other yet linked by their history, the work that went into them, the brand cues they reflect. Each one a creation in its own right, yet all share a kinship, like siblings.

Ultra-Thin DB28XP – Quintessentially DB28

To mark this important anniversary, De Bethune opens a fresh chapter in exploring a new universe: the realm of the ultra-thin. Ultra-thin as a self-evident evolution. The DB28XP is an ideal of beauty, of elegance that expresses purity in its most absolute version. As the first opus of a family that enters a new decade and encompasses all the work done on the DB28, the DB28XP is not about amplification. On the contrary, it’s about distilling the essence. Throughout the quest of designing an ultra-thin watch, De Bethune was driven as much by the technical challenge as the aesthetic challenge, by the complexity of ‘finesse’. An adventure in which absolute rigour maintains the balance between design aesthetics and engineering constraints.

DB28XP © De Bethune
DB28XP © De Bethune
DB28XP Starry Sky

Classic by inspiration with its round, ultra-thin shape, its crown at 12 o’clock and a hunter case back borrowed from pocket watches, the DB28 Starry Sky comes in an ultra-lightweight, mirror-polished titanium. Its redesigned floating lugs only emphasize the modern, even futuristic character. As a quest to represent the most beautiful sky, to capture its emotional power, and preserve it accurately so it can be worn on the wrist: DB28 XP Starry Sky offers a gaze into the infinite that has become a recurring theme throughout the Maison’s creations.

DB28XP Starry Sky © De Bethune
DB28XP Starry Sky © De Bethune
DB28XP Tourbillon

DB28XP Tourbillon marries ancestral knowledge with the latest technical and scientific advances. With this third interpretation of the DB28 theme, De Bethune rethinks the watchmaking architecture at its core and explores new codes. Offering hour, minute and seconds indications in 30”, DB28XP Tourbillon features an elegant and minimalist white dial with silver reflections rendered in a hand-engraved “barley grain” guilloche pattern, highlighted by a blued hour circle.

DB28XP Tourbillon © De Bethune
DB28XP Tourbillon © De Bethune
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