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Dialumen brings precious stones to life

Dialumen brings precious stones to life

Monday, 04 July 2011
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Christophe Roulet
Editor-in-chief, HH Journal

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For a long time, jewellery displays overlooked the importance of lighting. Now LED technology delivers an innovative solution which Swiss firm Dialumen has made its speciality.

For anyone who follows the Cannes Film Festival and its legendary red carpet sessions, when actresses sparkle in the golden rays of a late Mediterranean afternoon, the desire to experience the same involuntarily intake of breath when choosing jewellery is no doubt ingrained. Alas, jewellers’ window displays rarely cause the heart to flutter in the same way. The stones are certainly as beautiful as hoped, but the sparkle that brings them to life fails to weave its magic. Which is where Dialumen comes in.

Reveal the beauty of the world

“The real problem is indeed lighting,” explains Cyril Pilet, vice president of the firm. “We were aware how frustrating an issue lighting was for watchmakers and jewellers. A necklace or any item of jewellery comes into its own when reflecting sunlight. Displayed under a halogen light, it appears much duller, lifeless almost.” Dialumen found the solution in LED technology. These light-emitting diodes, one of the technologies of the future, recreate an environment in which light can illuminate the beauty within this old world.

Dialumen redonne vie aux pierres

The all-important staging

Dialumen spent a full two years developing its LED lighting system for watches and jewellery. The company made its Baselworld debut in 2010: a first test bench, first contacts and first success. A year later, at this year’s Basel fair, jewellers including Dehres, Pluczenik, Segelson, Gembel and Busatti all chose Dialumen. The company makes both static and mobile lighting systems in addition to table lamps to ensure consistent lighting for the customer’s comfort when trying jewellery on. Says Cyril Pilet, “Lighting has always been the industry’s poor relation. But when you’re making jewels worth millions, proper staging is vitally important.”

Confirmation came recently at the JCK jewellery show in Las Vegas: “We went to JCK with the impression that the Americans were years ahead. We came back realising that we are actually at the top of the game.” With a distribution network slotting into place and contacts becoming contracts, Dialumen can look forward to seeing its name… in lights!

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