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Five new influencers you probably missed during SIHH 2017
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Five new influencers you probably missed during SIHH 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

Creative flare with an analytic mindset.

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8 min read

This year’s SIHH is over and the dust has settled. However in the social sphere, SIHH 2017 doesn’t seem to be dying – still being the most spoken about topic in our last trend report. Social media was more present during this year’s event than it ever has been. The most influential online brands have already been spoken about so it’s time to discuss influencers, who now control so much of the present social media landscape.

Influencer marketing is set to be the biggest trend of 2017 and one that many brands including Montblanc, IWC and Vacheron Constantin took full advantage of this year. Beyond these names however, many influencers attended the event as watch lovers, rather than as part of work.

Trawling through the hashtag #SIHH2017, which garnered over 24,000 users, the HH Journal looked for the most interesting, beautiful and breath-taking images and decided on our favourite influencers of SIHH 2017.

In no particular order, we present to you…

Carson Chan: The mechanical man

A post shared by Carson Chan (@thecarsonchan) on

Age: 48
Location: Hong Kong
Bio: A lover of all things mechanical, Carson Chan truly channels this through his Instagram feed. A delightful mix of vintage Porsches and beautiful timepieces displayed among breath-taking backdrops. On his cafe racer, Carson travels around Hong Kong and beyond shooting whatever he feels like… but mostly watches and Porsches. Follow his Instagram here.

Images from Carson's Instagram feed
Kristian Haagen: The true expert

Age: 47
Location: Denmark
Bio: Kristian has carved a name for himself within the industry as a true expert. He was first published in a national newspaper in 1998 and has since written six books – both online and offline – is a keynote speaker, consultant for Bruun Rasmussen auctioneers and finally editor-in-chief of online watch network 8 past 10. Kristian’s love for watches knows no limits, and this reflects in his Instagram feed which features (almost exclusively) highly detailed shots of timepieces. We advise you follow his Instagram and Facebook and check out his amazing photography.

Images from Kristian's Instagram feed
Gregory Blumenfeld: The blogger elite

Age: N/A
Location: Paris
Bio: Owner of blog Le Guide Des Montres, Gregory Blumenfeld uses his Instagram page to show the world what he loves. Fine Watchmaking and classic cars (we’re starting to see a trend here). On Le Guide Des Montres, Gregory features original editorials, news, interviews and announcements of the watch industry. Check out his Instagram and blog.

Images from Gregory's Instagram feed
Eszter Fáykiss: The subjective admirer

A post shared by Loupiosity.com (@loupiosity) on

Name: Eszter Faykiss
Age: Gen-Y
Bio: Personal experiences in the world of jewellery and Fine Watchmaking. Loupiosity, curiosity through the loupe, shows art, culture, fashion and lots of great watch shots. The blog and Instagram page document life through the lens of gold tinted glasses. Editor-in-chief, Eszter Fáykiss is a certified diamond grader with a subjective viewpoint. She says she is fascinated by the details, harmonies, shape balances and the timeless work of craft and this reflects in her imagery. Check out Loupiosity and its Instagram out!

Images from Louposity's Instagram feed
Artem Tagirov: The finer details of luxury watches

Age: 35
Location: Moscow
Bio: Artem Tagirov is the founder of Chronoscope, a luxury watch blog hailing from Russia. You’d be hard-pressed to find an image (or video) on his Instagram feed that isn’t related to watches. The high quality images show off the finer details of watchmaking and videos are often used to show the working or sparkles of a watch that are difficult to capture through a photograph. A self-professed watch geek, Artem is clearly more than just a fan of watches and uses his social media channels to pay true homage to Fine Watchmaking. Follow his Instagram and, if you speak Russian, his blog.

Images from Chronoscope TV's Instagram feed
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