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Flytrack, the on-demand chronograph from Singer
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Flytrack, the on-demand chronograph from Singer

Thursday, 12 November 2020
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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The Singer Flytrack is a time-only watch featuring the brand’s signature peripheral hours-disc indication combined with central minutes and central sweeping seconds.

Singer Flytrack collection has been conceived to provide the most instantaneous and instinctive way of measuring short elapsed times. The brand teamed up again with the Agenhor team in Geneva to conceive this complication that allows easy measurement of multiple, sequential events. Singer Flytrack is a “time only” watch, featuring Singer’s signature peripheral hours-disc indication combined with central minutes and central swiping seconds. The main twist, not visible at first sight, is easily accessible through the push-button at 2 o’clock.

Flytrack Tachymeter © Singer
Flytrack Tachymeter © Singer

The proprietary system allows the instant conversion of the central sweeping seconds hand into a flyback chronograph-hand. The unique Singer AGH6364 mechanism allows the measurement of short events, as many times you wish, without interfering with the watch timekeeping. Holding the pushbutton down keeps the seconds hand motionless at zero. Releasing the button instantly sets the hand moving allowing quick-reaction, light-speed starts! Pushing and releasing the button, will reset and restart immediately the central second hand for lightning time measurements. The device can be used as well to zero-reset your watch time.

Flytrack Pulsometer © Singer
Flytrack Pulsometer © Singer

The official Flytrack Collection launch will take place in Spring 2021, but 30 pieces will be available in unique, limited designs ahead of the launch. Singer Flytrack Prime Edition, will be available in 3 distinct models of 10 units each, featuring a Grade 5 Titanium case with an 18k gold digit hand-applied directly on the watch case, indicating the number of the watch. The three models are inspired by three iconic chronographic scales – reimagined by Singer. Tachymeter, Pulsometer and Telemeter, each offer a distinctive style and specialization. Tachymeter is used to know their average speed over a set distance. Pulsometer simplifies calculation of the heart rate. Telemeter allows easy calculation of the distance to an event that can be both seen and heard.

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