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Haldimann H3

Haldimann H3

Thursday, 17 April 2014
Press Release
Press release

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The H3 brings with it a world-first, being the only wristwatch ever to possess a central flying tourbillon and a minute repeater.

Truly a work of art, this mechanical sculpture chimes the magical melody of watchmaking’s two most highly prized complications. Carrying on a family tradition of innovation since 1642, master watchmaker Beat Haldimann has created this watch to keep horological complications firmly at the centre of our attention.

Seemingly weightless, the elegant flying tourbillon appears to float in the centre of the dial, completing one revolution per minute. The gentle sound of the minute repeater underscores the poetry of this mechanical masterpiece, which has been entirely imagined and crafted in the Haldimann family workshops in the Alpine city of Thun, thus continuing the tradition of this remarkable dynasty of watchmakers.

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