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High Jewellery namedropping on Netflix’s Bling Empire
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High Jewellery namedropping on Netflix’s Bling Empire

Wednesday, 10 March 2021
Hope Frost

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It’s Crazy Rich Asians meets Selling Sunset. Netflix’s hit reality show, Bling Empire, follows the lives of Beverly Hills’ Asian elite.

In the series, we get to see some incredible High Jewellery creations worn to parties, events or just because it’s Tuesday. We also meet some of the people in the target market for these ultra-luxe creations, from a denim heiress to the daughter of an international arms dealer.

The show lifts the curtain on how this group shops and who their favourite brands are. Anna Shay, the aforementioned millionaire daughter, is good friends with Florent Donadei, a client executive at Boucheron, which shows how intertwined these two worlds are. Casual chats between friends include a debate over which is the oldest High Jewellery house in Paris, Mellerio or Boucheron? Established in 1613, it’s Mellerio.

Throughout the show, a plethora of High Jewellery names are dropped, giving interesting insight into the brands that are popular in these circles and how pervasive the established Maisons still are, even with the younger members of the group. So who are these brands?


In one episode, Anna Shay takes a shopping trip to Paris where she visits Boucheron and casually buys herself and her friend friendship rings. We also know that Anna owns the brand’s iconic Question Mark necklace. Judging by her friendship with Florent Donadei and the number of pieces she’s seen wearing, Boucheron is clearly one of Anna’s favourites.


The watch and jewellery Maison is mentioned in the very first episode of the show at Christine Chu’s Chinese New Year Dinner. For the event, not only did she flash her cash by renting out Rodeo Drive, she was also seen in some impressive High Jewellery creations, wearing Piaget Limelight earrings in rose gold and diamonds and a Piaget Limelight necklace with a secret watch. Piaget has boomed in Asia in recent years, bringing bold and playful creations to this market. It makes sense that it is one of Christine’s brands of choice, as it blends a rich heritage with modern creations.

Louis Vuitton

The opening episode, “Necklacegate”, follows a power play that sets up the story arch for the show. Christine Chu and Anna Shay are in a battle to be the group’s matriarch. In a move to provoke her rival, Christine attends a party wearing the Les Eclatantes necklace in white gold, pink sapphires and diamonds that Anna also owns, asking “I don’t know if you recognise this?”, prompting Anna to reply “I have the same one.” Not only does their exchange show the lengths to which they are willing to go to one-up each other, it also indicates the power that High Jewellery holds within the group.


Cartier Love bracelets make frequent appearances, which is unsurprising given their huge popularity among the affluent “in crowd” (Kylie Jenner and Meghan Markle also wear them). On Bling Empire, they’re worn by the younger cast members. Kim Lee, a DJ who features in the show, can be seen wearing hers on her Instagram.

Van Cleef & Arpels

This brand has been spotted a number of times on the show. Cherie Chan, heiress to her family’s denim empire, wears their Two Butterfly earrings with pink sapphires, and again with yellow sapphires, this time with the matching necklace. Cherie’s mother is seen wearing the Magic Alhambra necklace.


The watch brand also gets namedropped when Anna casually mentions she gave out Rolex watches as party favours. Because scented candles are so last year.

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