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Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Classique Phases de Lune
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Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Classique Phases de Lune

Wednesday, 16 July 2014
Press Release
Press release

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The supremely classical pink gilt cabinet of the new Atmos is the epitome of restraint and purity. This is the third variation of a model that also comes with a yellow gilt or rhodiumed cabinet.

The extraordinary technical achievement embodied by the Atmos has been on the horological stage for over 85 years. The months are indicated on an openwork disc at the centre of the dial; while a second dial, displaying hours and minutes, is also home to the most precise moon- phase display in the history of horology – accurate to a single day every 3,821 years.

The balance makes majestic progress, completing just one oscillation every minute. Hanging it from an Elinvar* wire, an alloy chosen for its tremendous resistance to buckling or warping in standard thermal conditions, helps to ensure extreme functional accuracy. Each Atmos has to undergo weeks of trials and adjustments before it is allowed to leave the workshops. In this task, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s clockmakers bear a heavy responsibility. They know that it is their job to guide the first steps of a mechanism destined to far outlive their own human lifespan.


The fact that nothing is hidden in no way diminishes the enigma of this most mysterious horological marvel.

The fascinating functioning of this mechanism, which famously achieves almost-perpetual motion, is left open to view in the Atmos Classique’s cabinet, which, mounted on a pink gilt base, attains an ineffable purity. The fact that nothing is hidden in no way diminishes the enigma of this most mysterious horological marvel. Primed to measure out the centuries and mark the events that give shape to each of our lives, the eternal, enigmatic Atmos provides a perfect foil to any interior.

Bordering on the perpetual, the Atmos clock lives from generation to generation and celebrates countless special moments. It is this vocation as a messenger and a witness to time that gave rise to the idea of offering personalised engraving of Atmos clock windows. Its glass cabinet may be silkscreen-printed, thus enabling meticulous craftsmanship suited to the executing of sophisticated lettering and motifs. A plate may also be affixed to its base.

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