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Jean-Christophe Bédos: “Innovation is an essential value...
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Jean-Christophe Bédos: “Innovation is an essential value for Boucheron”

Thursday, 21 February 2008
By Marie de Pimodan
Marie de Pimodan

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The renowned Parisian jeweller is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Far from resting on its laurels, this year Boucheron is unveiling an exclusive Fine Jewellery collection, presenting seven unique mobile phones and launching a new men’s watch in collaboration with Manufacture Girard-Perregaux. From bold projects to exceptional creations, the brand remains true to the values that inspired Frédéric Boucheron, while keeping an eye firmly on the future.

What have your priorities been since your appointment as CEO in 2004 ?

Jean-Christophe Bédos, CEO from Boucheron : My foremost concern has been to understand the spirit of Boucheron so as to best reveal the legendary identity of this pillar among Place Vendôme jewellers whose daring, sumptuous, innovative creations have enchanted the world since 1858. I also wanted to bring a new bloom of youth and restore Boucheron’s international prestige. Over the past four years we have returned to our original sources of inspiration. Boucheron has always been a sensual, magical brand renowned for its daring, organic creations. Our customers come to us for jewellery that does not reveal itself at first glance but with which they will develop an intimate relationship.

This year Boucheron is celebrating its 150th anniversary. How does the brand position itself in luxury today ?

Our mission is to spread enchantment ! Frédéric Boucheron founded the company 150 years ago with values of daring and the highest standard of excellence. These are the values we still believe in today. Boucheron is an artisan of Fine Jewellery. More luxurious than luxury itself, Boucheron is the jeweller of sensual desire !

Jewellery, watches, perfumes, mobile phones… why such diversification ?

Boucheron is constantly looking for opportunities to innovate in the luxury market. We work with international names such as Vertu for mobile phones or Girard-Perregaux for watches to create unique and inspiring objects that will showcase our expertise. Innovation is an essential value for Boucheron. Diversifying our activity is a means of better understanding every facet of the brand. These alliances have produced objects of rare perfection, placing them at the forefront of innovation in the luxury market.

Boucheron is launching a men’s watch in collaboration with Girard-Perregaux. Does this imply that the brand is looking to move further into the men’s watch market ?

Boucheron has been making precious jewellery since 1858 and has produced watches since its creation. Indeed, Boucheron quickly earned the honorary title “Jeweller of Time” for its natural tendency to include watches in as many of its creations as it could. Very early on, gentlemen carried elegant pocket watches by Boucheron. These were followed by the very masculine Ronde and Carrée watches. Launched in 2005, they symbolise Boucheron’s excellence in watchmaking and jewellery. In 2007 we decided our timepieces would be brought to life by the Girard-Perregaux 4000 calibre.

Combining the excellence of this Girard-Perregaux calibre and Boucheron’s unique mastery of jewellery, the MEC Jungle and self-winding Ronde Fine Watch collections are the perfect symbiosis of the two companies’ expertise. Our 150th anniversary has been the opportunity to revisit the Reflet watch, which rose to fame thanks to a system of interchangeable bracelets for which Boucheron filed the first patent in 1947. The limited-edition Reflet XL is intended for men of sophisticated taste who appreciate beauty, and for collectors. It revisits a modern classic with its imposing 45mm case, the largest Boucheron has ever made, and the unique oscillating weight by Girard-Perregaux.

How does Boucheron intend commemorating its 150th anniversary year ?

We decided to celebrate this anniversary with Boucheron Enchanteur, a collection of Fine Jewellery that is a hymn to 150 years of history, expertise, sensuality and daring. This collection, which took over 12,000 hours to complete, is the quintessence of the talent and skill of Boucheron’s artisan-jewellers. Inspired by our seven founding values, it is a collection of seven parures on the themes of daring, magic, sensuality, mystery, danger, curiosity and gourmandise. After being presented in Paris, this Fine Jewellery collection will travel the world, visiting Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, the Côte d’Azur, London and Dubai.

The launch of this collection is just the beginning of celebrations that will continue throughout the year. A second series of creations will join the Boucheron Enchanteur collection later in the year. New jewellery pieces, watches enhanced with jewels, a new Boucheron perfume and exceptional collaborations with other leading names in luxury will mark a year-long celebration ; 365 days during which Boucheron will celebrate its heritage, savoir-faire and distinctive style.

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