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Most talked about watches at SIHH 2017
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Most talked about watches at SIHH 2017

Friday, 03 March 2017
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

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An iconic year for SIHH saw the event being opened to the public and brands opening up to consumers. The breadth of variety was as impressive as it has ever been and saw Fine Watchmaking brands strive for the innovation the industry is so famous for.

In a saturated market, full of beautiful and amazing timepieces, it’s difficult for something to stand out online. This article looks at the five most talked about watches during the week of SIHH and why they created such a buzz online.

Using two different categories, among influencers and beyond influencers, we monitored online mentions from social media and online media, including blogs, to find out how many people were speaking about each novelty from SIHH 2017. Among influencers crawls over 2,000 luxury and watch blogs and bloggers; beyond influencers, every mention on the web.

Without further ado, here are the five most spoken about watches during SIHH this year:

1) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

Released in ceramic black, this new edition to the Royal Oak family took both collectors and enthusiasts by surprise. Given the classic style of the original Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, this jet black version sees Audemars Piguet bringing the watch into the 21st Century with a bang.

The watch garnered a total of 1,153 online mentions, with 68 of those coming from luxury and watch influencers.

2) IWC Da Vinci

SIHH saw IWC bring out a whole new line of Da Vinci timepieces, reverting back to the original round case design. It’s actually a full collection that gained huge online coverage.

The IWC Da Vinci updates saw women’s watches being more heavily pushed and the men’s watches loaded with complications. Taking inspiration from the Da Vinci SL of the 1990’s, a sporty steel watch, these new models took on more of a dress watch form and from all accounts, the redesigns were popular.

The IWC Da Vinci collection gained 1,085 online mentions with 58 of them coming from influencers.

3) Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph Rally Time Counter Limited Edition 100

This incredible timepiece can be used as a wristwatch, a pocket watch or even a dashboard timer and gained huge online coverage for several reasons. First and foremost was the sheer beauty of the timepiece. The highly functional piece is crafted from grade-two titanium and has been satinated to enhance the technical look.

It also taps into this year’s black dial trend, something you can read more about in our most recent trend report. Black dials give watches a utilitarian feel and that is certainly the case with this watch.

Another reason Montblanc gained so much online coverage was their impressive social media campaign throughout SIHH, including a timepiece giveaway and images of their annual Montblanc dinner during SIHH.

Montblanc gained a total of 969 online mentions, with 32 of those coming from influencers.

A post shared by Montblanc (@montblanc) on

4) Richard Mille RM 50-03 Split Seconds Chronograph Lightweight McLaren F1

It comes as no surprise that this watch has been as popular online as it has among the watch community. SIHH saw Richard Mille team up with McLaren and the University of Manchester National Graphene Institution and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) to create the lightest mechanical watch ever. At just 40g including the strap, the watch showcases a brand new case material called Graph TPT and is limited to only 75 pieces.

This watch pairs both innovation and beauty perfectly, further strengthening their ties with F1 and proving that their partnership with McLaren is so much more than having the watchmaker’s name plastered across the car.

The watch gained a total of 532 online mentions with 41 of those from influencers.

5) Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days - 49mm

Another groundbreaking innovation from the “laboratory of ideas”, the LAB-ID requires no lubrication and is guaranteed for 50 years. Another watch that taps into the trend of black dials, this impressive timepiece has managed to keep the Paneristi happy with its aesthetics whilst also luring in the real ‘watch freaks’ with its impressive array of technology.

The Panerai LAB-ID shows true innovation. The brand’s groundbreaking developments saw the watch gaining a total 518 mentions online, 26 of them from influencers.

A post shared by Officine Panerai (@panerai) on

Et voilà!

It is interesting to see that the watches which earned the most coverage in social networks combine a beautiful mixture of “Instagram-friendly” design and breathtaking technology. A trend which proves that the youngest Fine watchmaking aficionados are ready to take the time to properly analyse the latest innovations of the brands, beyond their pure aesthetic. Good news for the industry!

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