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New designs for Code Coco
New Models

New designs for Code Coco

Wednesday, 16 September 2020
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Introduced in 2017, Chanel’s Code Coco returns in more irresistible guises.

The Code Coco watch closes with a click like the quilted 2.55 bag, created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955, whose clasp adorns the heart of the watch’s dial. Open or closed, it conceals or reveals the time discreetly hidden from plain sight. Time is a special secret to be protected. Its supple bracelet, so light the tiniest movement is unhindered, recalls the beginning of this quilted design.

Code Coco Oversize © Chanel
Code Coco Oversize © Chanel

Launched in 2017, Chanel presents three new versions of the Code Coco in 2020. The first focuses on extravagance with an XXL steel strap that wraps around the wrist like a cuff. The second features embossed black leather with a quilted motif. Finally, the third SO BLACK version is entirely black for a rebellious look. The gleam of its blackened steel ADLC clasp contrasts with the stylish matte look of the black ceramic bracelet. A tribute to a story, style and look, the Code Coco watch carries the ever-renewing codes of Chanel.

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