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“No Futur” at Hautlence
New Models

“No Futur” at Hautlence

Friday, 23 August 2019
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Over the years, Hautlence has cultivated the art of breaking rules. The HL2.3 Punk with its unique and unexpected aesthetic is in line with this spirit.

Cementing its status as the “enfant terrible” of watchmaking, Hautlence takes rebellion to the next level with the HL2.3 Punk model. Reinterpreting the signature case associated with the calibre HL2.0, with its three sapphire crystals cut from solid blocks, Hautlence has taken the unconventional step of adding 84 studs of 14 different sizes to symbolically represent the Punk ethos. Inspired by the legendary Perfecto jacket, Hautlence is embodying personal liberty, daring to mix genres to create an haute horlogerie watch which boldly proclaims its individuality. Above the speed regulator which ensures that the hours display changes smoothly via the half-trailing hours chain, Hautlence has replaced the traditional Moebius symbol with the “Circle-A” of the Libertarian movement, which advocates for absolute freedom, denying any principle of authority and rejecting all constraints.

HL2.3 Punk © Hautlence
HL2.3 Punk © Hautlence

The HL2.3 Punk is driven by the calibre HL2.0, which combines the jumping hour, which is half-trailing, the retrograde minute – the brand’s signature – and the power reserve indication. Constructed around the retrograde minutes, the jumping hour is formed of a chain comprising twelve links. The retrograde minutes are displayed on a sector set over 180°. A clever mechanism ensures this assembly moves with control, thereby preventing any accidental impacts linked to its operation. Each hour, as the chain moves, the bridge-type movement rotates through 60°, enabling it to compensate for the effects of gravity on the regulating organ. To ensure it has sufficient energy, the main barrel, which is charged by the automatic system, winds a second barrel which drives the display complication.

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