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Ressence and Chronopassion join up for the Type 1 ZZ
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Ressence and Chronopassion join up for the Type 1 ZZ

Tuesday, 04 June 2019
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Behind the clean design of the Type 1 ZZ lies a ten-year friendship between Benoît Mintiens, founder of Ressence, and the iconoclastic Paris watch retailer, Laurent Picciotto.

Ressence, the watch company that keeps challenging the status quo of mechanical watchmaking, in collaboration with Chronopassion, the craziest watch retailer in the world, is excited to announce the release of the Type 1 ZZ – a very limited and very black edition of Type 1 Slim. Manufactured in only 20 pieces, Type 1 ZZ discretely pays homage to the famous Texan rock band hich Laurent Picciotto is an absolute fan of ZZ for music, but mainly for “zwart zwart” which means in Flemish language “black black”. Ressence is a Belgian brand whose studio is based in Flanders, in Antwerp more precisely.

Type 1 ZZ © Ressence
Type 1 ZZ © Ressence

The watch remains 100% faithful to the functions and movement of its elder, the Type 1 Slim but with a stealthy aesthetic because mainly black. Ressence’s “less is more” philosophy, which enables it to produce contemporary but always timeless watches, is here pushed to the limit. The case has a matt black DLC (diamond-like-carbon) treatment that accentuates the impression that the dial and case are one. The Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), unique in-house (and patented) module featuring ever-changing discs that continually orbit around one another, also benefits from a different surface treatment. The 9 components that make up the dial are finished in matt dark grey PVD (physical vapor deposition). The hands are finally black polished steel punctuating a decidedly monochrome and avant-garde look.

Type 1 ZZ © Ressence
Type 1 ZZ © Ressence

The Type 1 ZZ is manually set via a lever on its case back. The watch has no crown, the winding and setting mechanism being the case-back itself, for better ergonomics and allowing a left-right fit.

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