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RJ presents its first tourbillon
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RJ presents its first tourbillon

Tuesday, 29 October 2019
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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For its latest piece in collaboration with Disney’s Marvel Studios, RJ has chosen one of the ultimate superheroes: make way for the RJ Arraw Tourbillon Spider-Man.

In a first for the Swiss watchmaker, the highly innovative Spider-Man inspired central tourbillon movement was developed and produced wholly in-house at RJ Studio in Eysins, located on the shores of Lake Geneva. The young RJ Studio team represents a new wave of watchmaking focused on developing and manufacturing timepieces notable as much for their technical originality as their unparalleled aesthetics and cultural relevance. These unconventional watches excite the interest of comics and superhero fans as well as watch enthusiasts.

Arraw Tourbillon Spider-Man black carbon © RJ
Arraw Tourbillon Spider-Man black carbon © RJ

With its first in-house central tourbillon, RJ set out to achieve a remarkably long power reserve which necessarily requires an oversized barrel. The barrel was placed at the center of the movement to accommodate its substantial width, spanning almost the entire dial. This clever design enabled the movement to generate a power reserve of 150 hours (more than six days). The sizeable barrel naturally meant that the tourbillon cage had to be placed above it, at the center of the movement and on the same axis. This unique construction provides a fantastic view of the regulator.

Arraw Tourbillon Spider-Man black carbon © RJ
Arraw Tourbillon Spider-Man black carbon © RJ

The hours and minutes are displayed in a unique peripheral format, made possible by a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the tourbillon. The movement’s construction is entirely and uniquely coaxial. A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary minutes system to empower the progression of the hours. Adding to this innovation, the hour and minute display system is fixed on two very wide and high-precision ball bearings in order to optimize the movement’s efficiency as much as possible. The hands have been shaped to mimic the legs of the Spider icon.

In order to maintain perfect symmetry, the Arraw Spider-Man Tourbillon case has no crown. Winding of the barrel’s mainspring is done by lifting a hoop found on the case back then turning it like a key. This mechanism enables faster winding than with a traditional crown. To set the time, the wearer presses a concealed push button under the strap at 6 o’clock while turning the hoop in either direction. The case back features a cartridge engraving technique. The letters are polished and stand out from the micro-blasted back surface. Four sapphire crystals on the case back allow maximum visibility of the movement.

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