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SIHH Day 1: the 5 most talked about topics on social media

SIHH Day 1: the 5 most talked about topics on social media

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

Creative flare with an analytic mindset.

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After a glamorous opening ceremony on Sunday, a much-anticipated edition of SIHH is finally upon us. Check out what people on social media were talking about at Day 1 of SIHH 2019.

This year’s event hosts 35 brands, all displaying their new novelties and hoping to control the social landscape for the next 5 days in a very saturated period for all platforms. A recent report by McKinsey suggests 80% of sales of luxury personal goods are influenced by digital platforms. So it’s no longer simply a bonus for brands to have a strong presence during times like SIHH, it’s vital, especially for an event which occurs just after CES.

With our social listening tools we looked at the terms “SIHH” & “SIHH 2019” for the first day of the event (14.01.2019) to see what people were really talking about at the fair, or connected to the fair, and what they were saying about brands, trends or timepieces.

When ranking the top 5 most important events we took into account related mentions on other terms, their presence on Instagram through tallying individual posts, how many times branded hashtags were used across Twitter & Instagram and how often their influencers/ambassadors were mentioned across different social channels.

#SIHH2019LuHan: Cracking #CODE1159

Chinese superstar, Lu Han is also a social superstar. When searching #SIHH on Twitter he is the first related hashtag that comes up. His Instagram image of the new Audemars Piguet 11:59 collection timepiece has accumulated over 700k likes and he has his own hashtag across western social platforms. That’s not to tell his mentions across Chinese platform Weibo, where the terms “Audemars Piguet” and “鹿晗” (his native name) have been cited together over 8,000 times. Lu Han was announced as the brands first Chinese ambassador earlier this year at a party for the Royal Oak. Turns out this was a great decision as he has clearly made an impact for the brand, at least on social channels, in both Asia and Europe.

In other news for Audemars Piguet, the brand adds a new family of timepieces. Not a re-edition, this isn’t even a novelty, it’s a whole new collection to sit beside the Royal Oak, Offshore and Millenary. The brand’s CEO, Francois-Henry Bennehamias described the collection, titled Code 11.59 as ‘The biggest launch since 1972”, the year the brand unveiled the first Royal Oak. The collection features 13 references from 6 different models. They focus on AP’s skill sets and traditions, showing these off. The collection’s hashtag #CODE1159 has already been used 3,000 times on Instagram.

IWC: the Spitfire effect

Even before this year’s SIHH started, IWC seemed to be making waves across social and online with their new Pilot’s Watch Spitfire Collection. 2019 seems to be all about Pilot watches for the brand. The brand have toned down several of their collections and introduced several new colours, materials, and movements to the traditionally silver dialed Spitfire Collection. What goes hand in hand with a newly extended Spitfire collection? An actual Spitfire, of course. Yesterday the brand’s huge booth was unveiled with a Spitfire as its centerpiece. So how do they top this? Well, the Spitfire on display is being put to the biggest test ever, to circumnavigate the globe. As well as a sleuth of Instagram images (#IWCSIHH used 6,000 times), the brand was also very popular on Twitter

H.  Moser & Cie: Championing Swiss Made

H. Moser & Cie might be the most divisive brand in Fine Watchmaking; their ability to make beautiful, minimalistic and technically brilliant timepieces, however, is something that no one would challenge. One of this year’s most talked about novelties, The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black, has taken this minimalism to a whole new level. The timepiece has had all logos and indices from the dial removed. No hands, no way of displaying the time, just a flying tourbillon and a jet black dial. To find out the time you need to use ears, as the timepiece features a minute repeater with shaped chimes. This complication is as poetic as it difficult to produce.

Not to forget another highly mentioned timepiece during the fair, the Moser Nature Watch, a nod to ethical sourcing and sustainability within the Industry. The timepiece is completely covered in plants and can be seen growing at this year’s fair. Many of the brands mentions come from the #swissmade on Instagram, which is an industry standard label the brand ironically removed from all their timepieces back at SIHH 2017. Their new watch’s hashtag, #SwissAlpWatch, has been used almost 800 times already.

Jaeger LeCoultre: the ambassadors’ parade

Longtime friend of the brand, Daniel Bruhl, British actor Nicholas Hoult and American actress, Amanda Seyfried were all welcomed to the SIHH by Jaeger LeCoultre yesterday to experience ‘The Art of Precision’. Despite not having made an actual appearance yet at the fair, the mere mention of their names and the ambassador’s own social media posts sent the social sphere into a storm. Proof, perhaps that celebrities and influencers play a vital role for brands. This wasn’t all people spoke about though. The brand’s new Master Grande Traditional GyroTourbillon Westminster Perpétuel was making murmurs too. Featuring a miniaturized multi-axis tourbillon, the timepiece has turned a grande complication timepiece into a very wearable (albeit very impressive) everyday watch. The new timepieces hashtag, #HybrisMechanica has been used over 700 times on Instagram.

SIHH19 - The female touch

Undeniable proof of the rise of women who care about timepieces, probably the most interesting observation to come out of SIHH 2019 on Day 1, is the fact that according to our data, from nearly 24,000 mentions across all social channels, almost 80% originate from women’s account, of which around 65% were aged 18-34. A large percentage of the conversations are from the Chinese platform Weibo and relate to Chinese superstar, singer, and actor Lu Han, who is attending the fair as a guest of Audemars Piguet.

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