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SIHH Day 2, the 5 most talked about topics on social media

SIHH Day 2, the 5 most talked about topics on social media

Wednesday, 16 January 2019
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William McNish
Strategic Planner at RE-UP

“There is nothing quite as beautiful as the spark in a person's eye when you bring up something they are passionate about.”

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Day 1 of SIHH 2019 showed that the anticipation for the show was warranted. Check out what people on social media were talking about at Day 2 of the fair.

With day 1 done and dusted, the SIHH grandeur is now well underway… A reinvented fair showed brands release new timepieces, new novelties, and new collections. Yesterday belonged to Audemars Piguet, and more specifically Chinese influencer Lu Han… showing the true effect that the Asian market is now having on Fine Watchmaking and the 35 brands exhibiting at this year’s event. We should first mention that Audemars Piguet, Lu Han and IWC’s Spitfire collection were also very heavily spoken about on Day 2, but we decide to report for that day about the others who are also having a social media impact.

Like for the first day of the event, with our social listening tools, we looked at the terms “SIHH” & “SIHH 2019” for the second day of the event (15.01.2019) to see what people were really talking about at the fair, or connected to the fair, and what they were saying about brands, trends or timepieces. When ranking the top 5 important events of today we took into account related mentions on associated terms, their presence on Instagram through tallying individual posts, how many times branded hashtags were used across Twitter & Instagram and how often their influencers/ambassadors were mentioned across different social channels.

Cartier take flight with Santos

The new Santos de Cartier collection bears the signature of aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. Last year the new and improved Santos was released, but only in the classic, matte silver dial with black marking… this is no longer the case. This year’s edition features a dark blue gradient dial with super-luminova coated hands. It also features QuickSwitch and SmartLink, so people can not only change the size of the strap, but also the material. A nod to the wider trend of personalisation among Fine Watchmaking. The terms “Cartier” and “SIHH” have been mentioned together over 500 times on day 2, and #cartierSIHH has been used over 300 times on Instagram today. However, many other Cartier hashtags have been swamped with reposts of the brands 2019 novelties.


The tourbillon has had a tough time in Watchmaking after SIHH 2017, where brands began to concentrate on practical complications, not flashy aesthetics. However, it has made a comeback in many different forms since then. The traditional tourbillon isn’t as popular as it once was, but when creating a true masterpiece, brands often include this hypnotic complication. The most notable references this year were the Swiss Alp Concept Black by H. Moser & Cie, Jaeger LeCoultre’s Gyrotourbillon inside the Master Grande Traditional Westminster Perpetuel, and Vacheron Constantin’s toned down steel cased Oversea’s Tourbillon. The words “Tourbillon” and “SIHH” were mentioned over 336 times together today and of the top 9 Instagram posts, 5 were Tourbillon timepieces.

Panerai: product innovation & spectacular experiences

The brand, who was originally created as Italian Navy diving watches, have never veered away from this military/utility style. This year’s releases stay true to their DNA with a number of innovations, such as new material EcoTitanium, to improve the performance of these timepieces built for “spectacular experiences”. The brand linked up with the likes of Freediving World Champion, Guillaume Néry and extreme explorer, Mike Horn to create a number of this year’s impressive and performance driven timepieces. #PaneraiSIHH2019 has been used already 500 times on Instagram, and they’ve been mentioned another 500 times together across other channels.

Montblanc: the Hugh Jackman effect

Further proof of the ambassador’s social power, as Montblanc’s starman causes a stir at SIHH, just as he did at the event in 2018 and 2017. He’s been spotted at the brand’s bar shaking cocktails and generally being Hugh Jackman. Every year the brand hosts an event in which their ambassadors and other special persons get together for a party and to be introduced to the year’s new collection. This year the brand concentrated on the new additions to their 1858 Collection, with the new editions following their famous colour scheme of a khaki dial with a bronze case. The brand has been tagged over 300 times in the past day on Instagram and #hughjackman (which has been used over 500,000 times) is flooded with images and videos of Hugh Jackman attending the event.

Vacheron Constantin: Twin Beat(s the competition)

Vacheron Constantin has innovated like only they are known for. Their new timepiece beats at a very high frequency that is aligned with modern, active lifestyles. However, when the timepiece isn’t being worn its in-house developed calibre can be slowed down in order to guarantee an extended power reserve of at least 65 days. The brand was also mentioned heavily for pushing their ‘sporty’ overseas collection into High Watchmaking territory by adding a tourbillon to a watch with a steel case. “Vacheron Constantin” and “SIHH” have been mentioned over 500 times together across two days with a lot of traffic coming from websites and blogs. #VCSIHH has been used over 700.

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