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Simplicity theory by Laurent Ferrier
New Models

Simplicity theory by Laurent Ferrier

Friday, 22 January 2016
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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A single manoeuvre and a rapid glance are all it takes to cross time zones. An exploration of the pure aesthetic of the Galet Traveller Boréal.

With the Galet Traveller Boréal, Laurent Ferrier offers a chance to cross time zones by one smooth move on the wrist. Pressing a push-button brings the time zone up to date. The Galet Traveller Boréal thus adopts all the hours on the planet in a single manoeuvre.

Positioned perfectly geometrically and delicately integrated on the left side of the case, two oblong push-buttons are pressed to modify local time indicated by a central hand. These two buttons at 8 and 10 o’clock are subtly integrated into the case middle so as to follow the harmonious curve of this solid stainless steel “pebble”.

This so-called “sector-type” dial, typical of the late 1930s, attractively combines a vintage touch with a highly contemporary appearance.

In addition to this fast local-time adjustment, the date, appearing in a window at 3 o’clock, is automatically modified when the hand passes midnight, thus spontaneously adapting to transitions between the various time zones. The window at 9 o’clock maintains the reference or home time. Thanks to its 24-hour display, it is easy to check whether it is day or night in one’s place of residence even from the other side of the world.

The pure aesthetic codes of the Maison have been maintained, but in this 41 mm diameter size, the model is more powerfully present on the wrist than its predecessors. Fitted with a ball-shaped winding-crown ensuring pleasing handling, the back is equipped with a snap-on back ensuring that the movement remains easily accessible to watchmakers via the olivette.

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