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So watt?

So watt?

Friday, 27 October 2017
Editor Image
Mathilde Binetruy
Freelance journalist

“And yet, it moves.”


From the 1998 World Cup, her first big event, to SIHH and Baselworld today, she reports from where the action is.

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Anyone who thinks there just aren’t enough hours in the day can enjoy an additional 60 minutes this weekend, when at 3am on Sunday 29th October clocks go back one hour for winter.

All over Europe, on the last Sunday in October, clocks, microwaves, phones, watches and other time displays “fall back” 60 minutes to mark the end of daylight saving time – introduced to make maximum use of natural daylight hours, thereby cutting the need for artificial light and saving energy in the process. Studies have shown that in a country such as France, it saves 440 Gigawatt Hours – the equivalent of lighting 800,000 households. All European countries, the United States, Canada and other temperate regions have adopted the measure – the good citizens of these countries have been less enthusiastic, convinced it will mess up their Fitbit sleep report, and fretting over whether they’ll be an hour early or an hour late for Sunday brunch. But it’s not all bad! What’s not to like about another hour of TV-snacking in front of Netflix… or a good old-fashioned extra hour in bed. We’ve selected ten watches to help you sail through this time change without losing too much sleep.

Dark matter

Whenever we switch time back or forward, the first question anyone asks is, do I get one more or one less hour in bed? The good news sleepyhead is that we are officially adding 60 minutes to October. The flipside being that night falls earlier (and earlier). The Louis Vuitton Tambour All Black small seconds is the suitably sombre choice for those dark winter evenings. The brand’s signature V, imagined by Gaston-Louis Vuitton in 1901 to embellish his Steamer Bag, marks 12 o’clock. See it as a V for victory that will cheer you on until Saturday March 24th 2018, when summer time returns.

Tambour All Black petite seconde © Louis Vuitton
Tambour All Black petite seconde © Louis Vuitton

A woman has so much to do in the morning… hair, make-up, nails, perfume, bathroom-mirror selfie (what’s not to “like”?). But that was before the RJ X Hello Kitty. A heroine for women of every generation, this little kitten has all the pizazz a girl needs for the day. And gentlemen, this isn’t your cue to spend an extra hour grooming that beard!

In the swim

Splashing around in the sea loses its appeal when there’s an autumn chill in the air. Nor is swimming bumper-to-bumper in the local pool everyone’s idea of fun. Which leaves a hot bath. Not exactly ideal for lengths of backstroke, but at least the Breitling Super Avenger 01 Boutique Edition chronograph, water-resistant to 300 metres, will have no trouble adapting to your new environment: re-reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, watching the Captain Cousteau biopic on replay, hook-a-duck, etc.

Keep moving

How much time do you spend seething in traffic jams each day? Twenty minutes, forty minutes, sixty minutes? Putting a figure on all those wasted hours is enough to give anyone road rage. Corum proposes its antidote to the stress of traffic tailbacks with the aptly-named Big Bubble STOP. Hopefully, enough people will have omitted to reset their watch for you to avoid yet another episode of motorway meltdown.

Big Bubble Stop © Corum
Big Bubble Stop © Corum
Three little words

Thirty-five minutes – that’s the average amount of time spent each day on Facebook, versus forty-five minutes on YouTube. Over the course of a lifetime, users can expect to spend around five years and four months on social media. The alternative is Christophe Claret’s Marguerite watch. A single press of the pusher at 2 o’clock and the numerals disappear to reveal the words “I LOVE YOU”. Which is surely worth any amount of Instagram hearts.

The lion's share

Never before have we read so many books that promise to make us happy and improve our lives, guaranteed to bring peace, love, self-awareness… and boredom? It’s also possible to become one with your innermost feelings without wasting an hour a day on schmaltz and psychobabble, simply by wearing the Petite Heure Minute Lion from Jaquet Droz. No more quiet as a mouse! The King of the Jungle, depicted in grand feu enamel on the dial, will awaken your inner roar.

Same player shoots again

Video games are a daily drain on productivity. The alternative scenario is a dial paved with tiny gold squares to form a Tetris-like mosaic of light. No need to fill in the rows on the Lvcea Mosaic – Bulgari’s artisans have done the job for you.

It's complicated

The human brain’s capacity to process thousands of pieces of information sometimes hits a wall. In which case we give up on the time-consuming ingestion of the operating instructions for our QP à Équation Millésimé by Greubel Forsey and content ourselves with wide-eyed admiration. It is, after all, assembled from 624 parts, has three patents, and opens new horizons after seven years of research. Like your teenage son would say, “You just don’t understand!”

QP à Équation Millésimé © Greubel Forsey
QP à Équation Millésimé © Greubel Forsey
Happy hour

There is nothing more enjoyable, after a hard day’s work, than sitting down with friends and putting the world to rights over a beer or a glass of fizz. It’s the one hour we wouldn’t be without… and don’t have to be, thanks to the hour gained this weekend! Making it all the more special is the new Chanel Code Coco, an ingenious watch with a clasp, inspired by the one on the 2.55 bag, that swivels horizontally and vertically on the dial. Objective: become the master of time. Secret wish: make the party last.

Full moon

Oh what delight to sleep under the stars. The cold that penetrates every square inch of your body. The sound of unknown creatures skulking in the bushes. Getting back to nature is fine for an hour, but not more. It’s the exact thought that crosses your mind as you contemplate the moon on your Longines Conquest Moonphase from the warmth of your duvet.

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