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Spring comes early at DeWitt
New Models

Spring comes early at DeWitt

Friday, 05 February 2016
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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A new collection of women’s watches has bloomed at the Geneva manufacture. Butterflies and flowers are the stars of this horological garden.

The first two models exclusively devoted to women pay tribute to Japanese artistic crafts. These exceptional dials were produced in partnership with a Japanese artist, trained since the age of five in the ancient art of calligraphy, painting and the history of Japanese art by the great masters. This utterly unique technique involves combining precious pigments with Indian ink to produce decoration. No paint is used and the dials are formed using only dots of powder fixed by hand, requiring extreme meticulousness and very fine tools. Around 30,000 to 50,000 dots are necessary to create the delicate decoration on each dial.

The floral motif shines with the pigments of powdered diamond.

With these first creations, the artist wanted to pay a noble and elegant tribute to the spirit of majesty and freedom of the Emperor Napoleon, a direct ancestor of Jérôme de Witt, the founder of Dewitt. The first two dials in the series, imbued with nature and poetry, embellish the DeWitt Golden Afternoon and Classic gem-set models.

Poudre de diamant, de perle, de platine, d’or, de lapis-lazuli, d’agate et autres pierres constituent le motif floral de la Golden Afternoon. © DeWitt

The Golden Afternoon jewellery watch, well-known for its floral dial in mother-of-pearl marquetry, features a delicate design of butterflies and flowers, formed of powdered diamond, pearl, platinum, gold, lapis lazuli, agate and other gemstones. The Classic jewellery model, with its 18-karat rose gold case set with a row of diamonds, is dressed in springtime shades tinged with yellow, orange and green. The floral motif shines with the pigments of powdered diamond, pearl, platinum, gold, tiger’s eye, malachite, quartz and other gemstones.

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