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Style and substance
New Models

Style and substance

Friday, 18 March 2016
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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With fewer components but greater stability, the new Calibre 36 from Glashütte Original is both reliable and robust. This high-performance mechanism, complete with silicon balance spring, borrows the classic good looks of the Senator Excellence.

Reliability and robust construction have always been valued highly in the making of watches at Glashütte Original. These timepieces are made to accompany their owners reliably as they go about their busy lives, and are duty-bound to uphold the reputation of their “Made in Germany” seal of origin. As a result, a great deal of attention was paid during the development of the compact automatic movement to assure a sustained high performance: optimal design enabled a reduction in the number of components and the elimination of components that were potentially vulnerable to wear and tear, such as the winding system’s traditional detent click, which the bi-directional-wind reduction gear renders superfluous.

Silicon technology for the greatest precision

The highly precise timepieces in the Saxon tradition of watchmaking have defined the standard against which Glashütte Original measures itself. Today, as in the past, this high ideal fuels the spirit of invention: with its new calibre the brand presents, for the first time, a movement fitted with an innovative silicon balance spring. Not only does its high-tech material render the ultra-thin spring immune to changes in temperature and to magnetic fields, but its oscillation is extremely isochronous. Its advantages are ideally matched to the mechanics of the movement: a bi-directional winding mechanism ensures that the watch remains within the optimal charge range; a guarantee for excellent rate results. In addition, a regulator-free oscillation system makes it possible to adjust the rate using weighted screws directly on the balance rim. The movement is tested and adjusted by Glashütte Original in six different positions – one more than a chronometer certification test would normally require.

A classic with a new face: the Senator Excellence

The Calibre 36 celebrates its debut, as is only fitting, in a classic of the watchmaker’s collection. With its minimalist design, the Senator Excellence mirrors the pure essence of Glashütte Original. A slim bezel and the domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides, offer superb views and lend this timepiece its simple elegance. The finely ribbed crown bears the brand’s representative double-Glashütte logo, carried by all mechanical watches in the collection. The polished and satin-brushed surfaces of the case reflect the light and are harmoniously attuned to each other.

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