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Swiss watchmaking in November 2013: high level confirmed

Swiss watchmaking in November 2013: high level confirmed

Monday, 06 January 2014
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Press release

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With watch exports having attained a particularly high level in November 2012, it was difficult to do better in November 2013, especially with one fewer working day. However the monthly result was practically identical at 2.1 billion francs (-0.5%). Once again, watch exports have confirmed their consolidation at a high level.

Gold and bimetallic watches exerted a negative overall effect, while steel timepieces saw their value increase. Platinum watches recorded a very marked upturn. In volume terms, several important materials registered a decline, with the exception of the category of other materials. However the total monthly level was down 120,000 units compared to November 2012.

The main price segments lost ground. Only watches between 200 and 500 francs (export price) stood out from the rest, as in previous months. Below 200 francs, volumes contracted by 7.8%. The 500-3,000 francs category saw its value fall by 7.4%. Above 3,000 francs, the value remained stable, however the number of timepieces exported was down 4.0%.

The main markets of the Swiss watch industry recorded mixed results. Hong Kong and the United States saw their value decline, while Germany and Italy comfortably exceeded their 2012 level. China lost ground due to a marked downturn. Finally, France recorded a significant increase, something of a rarity in 2013.

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