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Aldo Magada, CEO Anonimo and Vulcain
Aldo Magada steers the fortunes of Vulcain and Anonimo

Anonimo and Vulcain have a proud history; they've also been through some hard times, despite offering original and affordable watches. Both are in the hands of the same Luxembourg-based investor, who has put them in the care of Aldo Magada.

Monday, 27 May 2019
4 min read
Monsieur Muscle Breitling
Trend Forecaster
This sporting life

Life is a marathon, so we're told. If you spend your days sprinting from one meeting to the next without ever losing your cool, a sport watch is for you.

Friday, 21 April 2017
4 min read
Re Up
Watch Stories
The Watch Of Presidents

Power and Time are two elements at the centre of the US Presidency. The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful human on the planet, however time is something that they never seem to have enough of.

Monday, 07 November 2016
6 min read
New Models
Wake up to Vulcain

"The watch for Presidents" ranks among Vulcain's claims to fame. Its Cricket mechanical alarm watch has indeed graced the wrist of several American heads of state, and would rouse any leader from their sleep, no matter how well-earned.

Thursday, 20 December 2012
4 min read
Tourbillon RM 025 © Richard Mille
Complications take the plunge

Diving watches are in demand not only for their subaquatic virtues, as watchmakers are well aware. For the man on the beach, their sporting style and robust design are more convincing arguments. Exactly the motivation firms need to go on "loading" models which, stripped to the bare essentials, would resemble nothing more than, well, a diving watch. And when it comes to pulling out all the stops, watchmakers can be trusted to put their expertise to good use with all manner of complications.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009
2 min read
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