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Top 5 #Bulgari watches on Instagram
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Top 5 #Bulgari watches on Instagram

Wednesday, 04 July 2018
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Cécile Fischer
Editor, RE-UP

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A jeweller, a watchmaker, a jewellery watchmaker, Italian brand Bulgari appeals to many people for many different reasons. Which are the brand’s fan favourites? We scoured Instagram in search of the top five most Instagrammed #Bulgari watches.

You may know Italian watchmaker Bulgari for its classic Bulgari Bulgari collection, or possibly for its more recent record-breaking Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic, but have either of these made it as one of the brand’s top five most popular watches on Instagram? The answer below.

To keep things simple, we won’t be differentiating between new/older models of the same watch. A Serpenti Tubogas, for example, will be classed as that, irrespective of dial colour, material or strap. As the hashtag has been used more than 667,000 times, and each image must be reviewed individually, we calculated percentages from a sample size of 2,500 images to decide which is the most popular watch across the whole hashtag. So here they are, the top 5 #Bulgari watches on Instagram.

Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic

Percentage of total: 29.30%
History: The winner by a landslide, which is hardly surprising given that it also ranked 5th in our top Baselworld watches on Instagram. After presenting the thinnest automatic watch in the world in 2017 – later trumped by Piaget at SIHH 2018 – Bulgari riposted at Baselworld 2018 with the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic which reclaims the title of thinnest automatic watch and thinnest tourbillon on the market.
Why: A double record-breaking watch is already more than enough to spark the interest of many. Adding to its impressive mechanics with a sleek case and sandblasted titanium finish, this is the most innovative and modern-looking watch Bulgari has ever released.

Serpenti Tubogas

Percentage of total: 18.57%
History: Originally debuted in 1932, the Serpenti has been worn by the most glamorous women ever since. This Art Deco-inspired collection has gone through various iterations, from rose to white gold and steel. This 2018 edition, a revival of a 1960s-70s model, seamlessly transitions through three colours of gold.
Why: With this revival of a classic, Bulgari plays into the biggest Fine Watchmaking trend of the past five years: vintage. A refined design and colour graduation makes this a sleeker and more modern execution than earlier versions. The Serpenti is one of the few ladies’ watches that keeps being successfully reinvented, making it one of the most iconic watches of all times.

Bulgari Bulgari Carbon Gold

Percentage of total: 5.71%
History: The first Bulgari Bulgari came about in 1977, and well and truly marked Bulgari’s arrival in the watch market. Its characteristic double engraving is reminiscent of inscriptions on ancient Roman coins. Evolving into a ladies’ collection, it quickly became an iconic Bulgari watch. Fast-forward to 1993 and the launch of the Carbon Gold, which has since embraced various alloy and metal combinations.
Why: As mentioned, the Bulgari Bulgari is one of the brand’s most iconic collections. At a time of luxury logo-mania, from Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton, it’s no surprise to see a watch that proudly boasts a brand name on its bezel in this top five. Bulgari was ahead of its time when, in the 1970s, it came up with the idea and is now making the most of this trend.

Lvcea Tubogas

Percentage of total: 5%
History: The Lvcea collection, launched back in 2014, has become another very popular women’s range from Bulgari. Late 2017, the collection received its first make-over, incorporating elements from the aforementioned Tubogas collection. The watch seamlessly fuses the brand’s expertise as a jeweller and watchmaker.
Why: The Lvcea Tubogas unites two signatures into one. It also makes the smart move of refreshing archive models, a trend that dominated both SIHH 2018 and Baselworld 2018. Bulgari has also paid attention to women’s requests for better performing and more complex watches. While the 28mm version has a quartz movement, the 33mm version takes it up a level with a mechanical automatic calibre.

#BVLGARI #Lvcea brand new 36 mm + All papers & guarantees. By #RubyRose_Diamond ✨

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Diagono Iron Man

Percentage of total: 4.28%
History: Not actually released under this name, the Diagono earned its Iron Man moniker after Tony Stark aka Iron Man wore one. This Diagono has a complete calendar with retrograde hands for the days and date.
Why: The fact that Tony Stark pairs it with a suit and tie confirms this is a luxurious and elegant watch. Tapping into pop culture has been many brands’ strategy in the past few years, in a bid to win over a younger clientele. Where would this Bulgari be without Iron Man? Who knows, although it can probably thank him for its place in this top five.

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