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Vacheron Constantin proposes a digital certificate of...

Vacheron Constantin proposes a digital certificate of authenticity

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Vacheron Constantin has called upon the Arianee consortium to activate and deploy its digital certification via Blockchain technology. This authentication offers an unparalleled certification and traceability service, with the ongoing objective of combating counterfeiting.

As the Richemont group’s pilot company in the implementation of digital watch certification, Vacheron Constantin opted to work with Arianee to find a guarantee and authentication solution based on data protection and customer anonymity. By virtue of its status as an association created in 2019, the Arianee project’s approach to Blockchain takes the form of a decentralised and independent protocol, thereby giving watch owners the assurance of neutrality. With Arianee, the use of cryptographic technology and the decentralised characteristics of Blockchain technology, Vacheron Constantin wishes to evaluate the possibility of creating a standard protocol for the digital certification of objects that could be used by all luxury stakeholders.

Digital certification via Blockchain technology © Jaeger-LeCoultre
Digital certification via Blockchain technology © Jaeger-LeCoultre

Arianee is one of the first concrete Blockchain applications available to end consumers. This open source solution has been designed to give each object an unforgeable, durable, secure and transferable digital identity. Each watch registered on the Arianee protocol is given a certificate in addition to the traditional paper authentication. This consists of a digital passport with several innovative features: it can be transferred from one owner to another; it creates an anonymous link between the owner and Vacheron Constantin; and it is open as well as connected, thus enabling its owner to insure the model, declare it lost or stolen, as well as share or prove its ownership.

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