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Vacheron Constantin – The height of excellence
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Vacheron Constantin – The height of excellence

Friday, 01 April 2016
By The FHH Journal editors
The FHH Journal editors

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Vacheron Constantin once again demonstrates that watchmaking has yet to reach its limits with the Maître Cabinotier retrograde armillary tourbillon watch. This unique piece achieves new summits of horological excellence within a surprisingly contemporary design.

In the wake of the most complicated watch ever made, the Ref. 57260 with 57 complications, Vacheron Constantin unveils the Maître Cabinotier retrograde armillary tourbillon model. This timepiece bearing the Hallmark of Geneva was produced by the three master watchmakers who created Ref. 57260, and they incorporated two of the complicated features of the superwatch: the armillary tourbillon and the double retrograde indication. Its contemporary styling opens the remarkable structure of the calibre 1990 movement to view. The high-precision manually wound movement is housed in a 45.7mm case in white gold. Four patent applications have been filed for this unique model.

The research and skill mobilised to create the Ref. 57260 remained a source of inspiration as well as a development resource for its three watchmakers, who were at the same time working to highlight some of its complications separately. The Maître Cabinotier retrograde armillary tourbillon model is the first born of this project. It’s a remake of two of the Ref. 57260’s complications, the double retrograde indications and the armillary tourbillon, in a contemporary guise. The retrograde function governs the hours and minutes while the tourbillon revolves on two axes and has a spherical balance-spring. The movement coated with NAC (a special metal alloy) is also revealed through lateral windows in its imposing case. This timepiece forms part of the select Maître Cabinotier collection, which showcases Vacheron Constantin’s horological achievements, customised work and overall excellence.

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