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Watch Live makes knowledge the key to luxury watchmaking
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Watch Live makes knowledge the key to luxury watchmaking

Wednesday, 27 June 2018
By Carson Chan
Carson Chan

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The online world is awash with information on every conceivable product, including Haute Horlogerie. But how much is verified fact and how much is opinion masquerading as the truth? More to the point, how can industry professionals get access to the latest news from reliable sources? A new app has the answer.

Watches, watches, watches, I love watches! They are tiny, intricate and complicated mechanical marvels; they are also filled with interesting stories that I love to share with friends and collectors. Whenever someone asks “what’s the use of a watch?”, I know immediately that they are probably not a collector or even someone with an interest in watches. Unlike 30 years ago, when it was still a necessity, a watch has become an item intended purely to satisfy a “want”. Just like a painting: you can spend a good amount of money on a painting but if all you want is to cover a blank wall – if you’re a non-collector – you can spend as little as a few dollars on a poster. The function is the same. Watchmaking – particularly Haute Horlogerie – is moving toward the direction of art. So, as a professional salesperson, how do you help the customer increase their “want”? The answer to this is: Knowledge.

Many people are just like me; they love to share their views on watches. There are, however, huge differences between opinion and facts. Today’s technology means anyone can publish their opinion on Instagram, on Twitter and such. This may be interesting to the general consumer but with such vast quantities of information floating around, it’s safe to say that a certain amount will be inaccurate or even plain wrong. So, how do you know what’s fact and what’s an opinion? How can we gather accurate information? Particularly, accurate information that is aimed at the professional?

Watch Live
Watch Live

For anyone working in the industry, the challenge becomes more apparent as consumers are sometimes better informed than the front-line salesperson. Fortunately, the FHH is tackling the situation with an exciting and revolutionary tool; an interactive, fun and easy to use application – Watch Live — that’s targeted for professionals. Watch Live offers up-to-date and accurate, verified information on participating brands, including all the new product info, industry news and even a way to increase technical knowledge. And there’s more! Inside the app is a PLAY section that encourages the user to complete different challenges; a fun way to learn and stay up-to-date. Best of all, there are some very exclusive gifts as rewards – and I do mean exclusive!

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