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Watch Trends for Men: wrist action
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Watch Trends for Men: wrist action

Thursday, 18 December 2008
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Carol Besler

“Watches are functional art.”

Carol Besler covers watches and jewelry worldwide.

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This perennial fashion color has gone totally Johnny Cash with black on black watches in nearly every collection. Dial, markers, bezel and bracelet are dark and mysterious, with cases of PVD coated (physical vapor deposition) or DLC-coated (diamond-like carbon) for extra strength and another layer of black. Engraved metals or carbon fibre, the black leather jacket of watch dials, add texture.


Ever since Cartier introduced the Santos-Dumont in 1911, it has been hip for watches to be square. The past two years in particular have produced a wave of four-sided styles, with a distinctively masculine edge.


Ceramic is so tough it’s now used to make knives because they stay sharper longer than steel. It will never rust, rot or scratch. It is temperature resistant, hypo-allergenic and, in case it’s an issue, bullet proof. It can be infused with any color, and takes a high polish. All of which makes it a perfect material for watches.

Rose gold

Rose gold has a subtle, almost brownish color that is considered less flashy than yellow gold. It was the color traditionally used for special-edition watches, but is now mainstream and usually mixed with black in sportier collections.

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